Now that the New Year’s Resolutions, along with the motivation that comes along with them, have faded we have the summer season approaching quickly. With it comes the official bombardment of products ready to get us “bikini ready”, but what exactly does this mean?  The media constantly pressures us to have that perfect body, even more so once the weather warms up and pool season begins.  At the grocery store you will see magazines covered with celebrities showcasing that perfect bikini body.  On the Internet you will see these same images plastered everywhere and as much as we try, it is nearly impossible not to look at them without setting those same standards for yourself.  But when did a certain body appearance dictate whether or not you could wear a bikini? More importantly, who decided what this ideal body type is and when did we decide to let others make that decision for us?

I say that being bikini ready has very little to do with how you look in a bikini and everything to do with how you feel in one.  If we are to truly accept our bodies and love them no matter what they may look like, then being confident in a bikini is so much deeper than our physical appearance.  Our bodies come in many shapes and sizes, just like those little bikinis, and there is no magic number that can guarantee you will be ready for one.  You may believe that once you hit that magic weight or body fat goal that you will jump right into that bikini and be ready to hit the beach/pool with complete confidence. But more often than not, that is just simply not the case.  Being bikini ready requires the confidence and self-acceptance to understand that your body may not be perfect but it is perfectly you at the moment and you chose to love it anyway. 

Now I realize that none of this is easy, ladies, and like you, it is a daily struggle of mine.  One way I find to make this easier is to make eating healthy and exercising a priority.  On the same note, it is equally important to understand that there must be a balance too.  You cannot let your focus be consumed by what needs to change about your body, so much that you begin to feel like you are not good enough. These thoughts will ultimately destroy your self-esteem and body image along the way.  Do not become so disconnected with yourself that you can no longer recognize the things that you love about your body already.  When you put on a bikini, try to focus on the things you love about your body and you will instantly feel more confident.

Ultimately, the choice to be bikini ready has been and always will be yours and only yours to make.  Wear that bikini when you are ready to and do not let unrealistic standards keep you from enjoying your summer.