Many studies have been showing lately that we mimic and take on the habits of our friends regarding food and drink. A thirty year study on alcohol usage shows that people who socialize with heavy drinkers are more likely drink heavily as well.  The opposite is also true, those who do not drink alcohol tend to socialize with others that do not. The study was run on over 12,000 people 1971 to 2003. People whose friends or relatives drank heavily were 50 percent more likely to also drink heavily compared to people who weren't connected with heavy drinkers. And they were 36 percent more likely to consume a lot of alcohol if a friend of a friend was a heavy drinker, the study found. The researchers also found in general that being surrounded by heavy drinkers increased the reported alcohol consumption by about 70 percent, while being surrounded by abstainers decreased reported alcohol consumption by half. If you are trying to watch your weight, it is important to be mindful if your friends and social network is used to indulging, otherwise those empty calories will have your waist bulging. Also it is important to remember that the body needs extra nutrients to neutralize and detoxify alcohol which can result in vitamin deficiencies and overall poor health. Taking a good multivitamin is critical along with extra B-Vitamins and Vitamin C to be sure you are getting the nutrition you need. Yours in good health, Linda Hlivka Clinical Nutritionist