Chances are if you are not overweight or obese, 67% of the people you know are. A new report has shown that obesity is still rising in the U.S. Over 2/3 of Americans are either overweight or obese. In addition, the number of obese and overweight children has now climbed to 30 percent in 30 states, a troubling trend that could signal decades of weight-related health problems such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease as these children become adults. Baby boomer's have the highest rate of obesity, compared with previous generations. The concern is that Medicare will have to pay the high price tag for the chronic conditions caused by obesity. The report suggested that under the current economic conditions, obesity is expected to rise as the cost of nutritious food increases and people choose the lower priced, high calorie foods. The report also called upon local, state and the federal governments to support programs that provide schools with healthy foods, make healthy foods more affordable, support more physical activities at schools, get kids to watch less TV and spend less time with computers and video games, and encourage companies to offer workplace wellness programs as well as promoting nutritional and obesity counseling. As summer ends and the days get noticeably "shorter", be sure you still are active and get whatever exercise you can. Even a 10 minute walk three times per day can be helpful, if you don't have time for continuous 30 minutes. When you can, take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator. In addition, be sure your children are active after they come home from school and finish their homework. Don't let them sit on the couch all night and watch TV. Yours in good health, Linda Hlivka Clinical Nutritionist