Supplements - we know about them, but how much do we really know?

I think of supplements like I used to think of my ROTH IRA before I was educated on finance. Yes, supplements are like the finance world. It sounds crazy, I know, but stick with me.

Walking into a supplement store is similar to many of you reviewing your retirement account asset allocations. You know should be investing, you’re just not sure in which (stocks, bonds, funds) or in this case, which pills, liquids, and powders to invest your money in.

You understand some of the stocks, the terms, and the results but not everything. Same goes for when you turn over a supplement label to read it. You understand a few ingredients and claims, but not everything.

Making poor choices in your supplement selection and your portfolio selections can cost you hard earned time and money you can’t afford to lose.

Let me be your financial supplement expert for the next few minutes to clear up the confusion and save you a lot of precious time and hard earned money in the process.

There are thousands of supplements out there and more coming just about every week to the market place. It’ a multi-BILLION dollar industry, and sadly it’s filled with HUGE exaggerations, selling people dreams but not realities.

Let me cut right to the chase and kick you the reality of the supplement game for the average American.

The biggest questions I get daily are:

- What supplements do you take?

- What supplements should I take?

- Do supplements really work?

I am going to say this as we start; I think real food is always the best option; let me repeat that, real food is always the best option.

An old quote you just should burn into your brains is, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” - Hippocrates

If I had to guess, real food makes about around 90-95% of your results and supplements cover the 5-10% gap to get you to your goals. Now, this is just me guessing on the percentage breakdown above. We are all different, but my take is, real food is always king.

With that said, sadly, many Americans don’t know how to eat or their current diets are void of many of the important micro-nutrients needed for optimal health. We have supplements to fill the gaps or cover the holes in our nutrition.

Below is my breakdown for the average person on what supplements they need most, which ones they might need at times, and all the rest they can probably do without or take as they wish for various benefits.

If you go to your physician and they tell you about a certain deficiency or a certain supplement that might help you, sleep better for example, obviously your needs will change from what I have listed below.

NOTE- Discuss any changes with your primary care physician before starting any new dietary or supplement regimen.

BANG FOR YOUR BUCK SUPPS- we recommend these to all our athletes.

Probiotics –Fish Oils – Vitamin D – Multi-Vitamin

Probiotics – The “good” bacteria that live in your gut. Most Americans get too much “bad” bacteria built up in their guts and suffer from poor gut health. This can cause digestive issues and overall poor immune function.

Probiotics can provide your body with a much-needed balance and keep you, and your gut healthy while improving food absorption and overall digestion.

Fish Oils – We all know inflammation is bad, horrible, and nasty for our bodies. Fish Oils help decease the inflammation in your body, which in turn helps you avoid things like arthritis, can support heart disease prevention, and other chronic conditions.

Vitamin D – Many Americans are deficient in Vitamin D; even I was as early as about three years ago when I went in for blood work (and I live in sunny AZ). I mention that because the majority of our Vitamin D is absorbed through the sun, which is the best natural source of Vitamin D there is. So, if I was deficient in sunny Arizona, odds are you might be too.

The benefits of enough Vitamin D to name a few are, it supports immune function and makes our healthy bones strong. That alone is enough of a reason to get on track with Vitamin D.

Multi-VitaminNot to get into huge detail, but it may be important to add a multi-vitamin to cover the gaps in your nutrition plan and to ensure you’re getting enough micronutrient to stay healthy. Most Americans are not eating enough quality, nutrient-dense foods. They help keep your body functioning properly by filling the holes your diet leaves.*

*Again you need to remember that nothing replaces quality food!

IF THERE IS A NEED & YOU CAN AFFORD IT – we recommend these to cover the gaps if you’re current eating habits won’t support all your macro/micro nutrient goals.

Powder Greens (green supplement) - Similar to a quality multi-vitamin, most American’s don’t even eat a single serving of green veggies per day. That stat is taken from me and the dozens of people I meet each week for consults. Many of them don’t eat veggies daily and some don’t even eat them weekly. Depending on your green supplement, you can get quality micronutrients, fiber, pre-probiotics and other important vitamins and minerals in one small scoop. Making this is a no-brainer for those of you who don’t eat enough veggies.

Protein Powder (protein shakes) - Protein is the building blocks of muscle, which is your metabolism. So, if you want to be strong, lean, and sexy you need enough protein daily. If you can eat enough protein daily to reach your macro goal, that’s great, you might rarely need powders. Many people, when they travel rely on protein powders to get the much-needed protein their bodies scream for. Powders are a quick healthy effective way to fill the gap and keep your body full of muscle-building, fat-fighting protein.

EVERYTHING ELSE – every other supplement on the market. If you are deficient in a certain area and/or want to try something to see if it helps with sleep, focus, relaxation, energy, and performance – those supplements I am placing here.

ALL OTHER SUPPS - Things that are still quality but not a high need for the average person on a budget or someone just staring out in their journey into the supplement world fit in this section.

I hope this helped shed some light and clear the smoke when you purchase your supplements next. I could write 1,000,000 articles on supplements but for many of you this covers the ones you need to start.

Education in any area of life is key. Congrats on educating yourself today on your supplementation regimen.

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Until next time eat well, train hard, & be nice to people!

Jeremy Scott