Before you left the house this morning did you make your bed? In the back of your mind of your mind you may be asking why I would be asking that question, so let’s break down this habit.

One - It gives me a neat and tidy looking room.

Two - It portrays that I’m organized – which then translates to a more organized life.

Three - It creates production – I complete something to start my day

Why the questions about your cleaning habits?  Well it translates to fitness and quality of life.

Life is about balance, and fitness can be an overwhelming part of life. Sometimes it seems to have a negative impact on it. It can be very challenging to live a super healthy life.

Everyone can start slow and add one healthy habit at a time.

Can you commit to having a large glass of water and lemon every morning to help clean and hydrate your system?

Can you take a 10 min walk everyday on your lunch break? 

Can you commit to eating 2 servings of veggies every day?

Notice that you aren’t stopping anything, you’re just adding.  I am a firm believer that small healthy habits can add up and change your life for the better.  Often times when working with someone new, they want to take on everything to change their whole life and when one thing fails it causes a domino effect of everything going to pot. 

Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to slow you down so you don’t hit your goals, but to rather ramp you up to hitting your goals, putting into place healthy habits. 

Sleep, hydration (water intake), and exercise, in that order, are the keys to you getting to your fitness goals.  Here are some simple suggestions to help you put healthy habits place in each of these three areas.  Choose one habit below to help get these areas in line.

Sleep Habits

Do you have a sleeping routine?  If not try adding in one of these healthy habits.

1. Turn the T.V. off 1 hour before bed time.

2.  Have a set bed time.

3.  Keep electronics off in the bedroom.

4.  Read for a set time period before bed.

5.  Do a mind dump.  Write down all of things you have on your mind, or list out what you want to get accomplished tomorrow. 

Exercise Habits

  1. Set a workout time, plan it into your schedule and treat it like a work appointment.
  2. Pack your gym back the night before.
  3. Join a group or have a gym partner. Choose someone who pushes you! 
  4. Hire a trainer. The more skin you have in the game the more likely you are to stick to it.
  5. Have a plan. Setting out a routine can help you stay on track from week to week.

Eating Habits

  1. Drink a large glass of water first thing in the morning.
  2. Make sure to have lean protein with each meal.
  3. Make sure to eat at least 3 servings of veggies each day.
  4. Add a protein and or a fat source when you eat carbohydrates.
  5. Make sure to work out on days when you have cheat meals.

Here’s to a healthier happy you!