As the saying goes, patience is a virtue, and in today’s busy, instant gratification society it holds even truer than when it was first spoke years ago. We have become obsessed with instant feedback, instant fame, instant news, instant results, instant everything.

Too many people, both young and old, go into utter shock and disbelief when they venture into the fitness world and quickly learn it’s a very slow and steady process to make changes.

Disclaimer: changing your body and changing your life doesn’t happen fast. It takes time - not just days, weeks, months, but years on years upon years.

The “get abs in 10 minutes” infomercials might get you excited, but nothing worthwhile in this life ever comes easy and your body is no different. My old man once told me, “If it sounds too good to be true, odds are kid, it probably is.” Think about it for a second - if all these “instant miracle” fitness products worked wouldn’t more of us be in great shape?

There is no expiration date on this process; meaning you can’t just work hard for 3 months, eat right for 3 months and expect the results to last for 3 years. That would be like working hard at your job, saving money for 3 months and thinking that income will last you 3 years. It just won’t!

It NEVER stops; your body and your health are a 24/7/365 until you die work in progress, with highs, and lows. 

Many of you have gone into fitness with the wrong mindset; let me help you flip the switch here this time around. Here is my quick Patience Plan to help you get your mind right and get your grind right when it comes to changing your body and your life.

Understanding your fitness journey is going to take time. A long time. Longer then you want it to take before you see results, progress or major changes. Except that, and you will be just fine.

Start today – don’t waste any more time. Leave the past failures behind and learn from them. Understand why things didn’t work and ensure you don’t make those same mistakes this time around.

Plan your goals – tangible real goals. Start saying your goals to yourself out loud. I MUST workout five days per week, I MUST lose 40lbs in the next 6 months, I MUST drop 1 dress size in the next 30 days.

Understand, every fit person you know started just like you with day one and then they went to Day two. The process is the exact same for all of us.

If you don’t make a plan, if you don’t WRITE DOWN your goals, your results will never happen, and you will never succeed. Take a few minutes to seriously think about and write down your goals and a plan to get there.

Get detailed on your plan: All details matter! Details like:

-        Where will I be training? In a Home gym, private gym, big box gym, do I need a Personal training, do I enjoy Group training?

-        What time each day will I workout?

-        What will I do when I travel?

-        Do I know enough about nutrition?

-        Do I know what macros will help me reach my goals?

-        What foods will I be eating?

-        Do I need a nutrition coach?

-        Do I need supplements? What supplements are essential?

Without planning or knowing just the few questions above you won’t have a strategy for success and you’ll be going in blind.

It’s like trying to graduate college by just taking random classes and hoping you can get the right match to fulfill your degree requirements. It doesn’t make much sense right?

My last tip is - you NEED a support system that will keep you accountable. The biggest percentages of people I see fail, fail due to lack of support and accountability, especially when it comes to their nutrition.

You NEED a group, coach, trainer, or community, someone to help keep you going, keep you in check, and help you not give up on your goals when times get tough.

A good support system cares about you, cares about your results, and wants to see you succeed. They are there to help, encourage, and motivated you everyday.

Do you currently have a support system ready to help you? If not, please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email. We would be happy to help you reach all your goals and beyond.

Have patience. The road is long and never ending, but I have never met a person who become healthier who wished they had stayed in their old body and old life.

Until next time, eat well, train hard & be nice to people.