When we decide to make a healthy transformation and begin to eat healthy and exercise regularly, it‘s hard not to focus on the obvious end result; which is the fat/weight loss, but there are plenty of other benefits that we can feel much sooner.  The fat/weight loss will take time if it is done correctly and it can be very hard to stay motivated when you are doing everything right and you do not see a lot of change on the scale.  If you shift your focus to the other immediate benefits you can feel right away it will help you stay consistently motivated to continue on your fat/weight loss journey.

One of these immediate benefits is you will be in a much better mood once you start exercising regularly. The release of endorphins - those feel good hormones that you get when you workout - will make your mood instantly better.  Plus, as you continue to exercise and are able to challenge yourself more, you will get an even bigger endorphin release.

Once you start eating cleaner and cut out the processed foods in your diet you will also notice that you are no longer bloated.  You will begin to shed the excess water weight that your body was holding onto from the consumption of processed foods.  Eating plenty of whole, clean foods along with regular exercise and drinking plenty of water will lead to this fairly quick change.

Eating clean and exercising also leads to healthier sleep patterns.  Studies have shown that individuals who exercise and eat clean fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer than those who do not.  Exercise also has an immediate benefit on our stress levels; which help regulate sleep patterns. 

Speaking of stress and exercise, there are plenty of studies that have continually shown exercise can reduce stress levels, anxiety, and even depression.  Exercise removes cortisol, the stress hormone, and increases the levels of serotonin, the feel good hormone.

Another benefit of healthy eating and regular exercise is that your body will have improved circulation.  This increased blood flow will improve your body overall.  Your organs, heart, and brain will all function better and you will even notice a glow on your skin.  Cutting out processed foods will also lead to clearer skin by decreasing inflammation.

One of the greatest benefits of eating healthier and exercising is the increase in energy.  When you eat whole foods you are supplying your body with the necessary nutrients to perform optimally.  You will find you get sick less often and by dropping the processed foods you will prevent those dreaded sugar crashes. 

Lastly, the most important benefit, in my opinion, is the increase in self-confidence.  It feels really good to make yourself a priority and to be taking steps to be the best version of you.  With every workout completed and healthy meal eaten you will begin to believe in yourself like never before.  This self-confidence comes from the inside, and with time will reflect on the outside as well. Before you know it you will be at your fat/weight loss goal, and this new self-confidence will help you maintain it. Without even trying it will carry over into other areas of your life, improving your overall quality of life.