If there is one thing that can help make achieving your fitness goals easier it’s definitely a positive support system.  The more you surround yourself with people who support your goals, the greater your chance of success will be.  One way to achieve this is to have a workout buddy.  There have been numerous studies done that show having a workout partner helps you stick to an exercise routine and even work harder compared to going it alone.  Even those individuals who believe they work out better alone find that the right workout partner can push them to work even harder.  In fitness, you get out what you put into it, so why not take advantage of this simple way to increase your output?

A workout buddy can also make exercise fun, when we enjoy our workouts we are much more likely to continue them and stay consistent with them.  One of the reasons most people avoid working out is because they feel lonely, isolated and overwhelmed.  Having a friend with you can make the experience more positive. They can laugh, encourage, and motivate you and offer you that sense of team that you just cannot get when exercising alone.  You will find yourself less intimidated by workouts that you never thought you could do and end up with more results long-term.

When looking for a workout buddy it is important that you find someone who is just as committed to a lifestyle change as you are.  They must make exercise a priority so that when one of you is not feeling up to a workout the other one can provide the motivation and push to make sure it gets done.  It is easy to make excuses for why you cannot work out, but it is much harder to use these same excuses to cancel on your partner who is probably just as tired and busy as you.  Having someone relying on you makes you more accountable and you will be more likely to stick to your routine.

Make sure also that you seek a partner who has a good attitude and is someone that you actually enjoy spending time with.  If all they do is complain or you just flat out do not enjoy their company then you will be more likely to quit. You want to also choose a partner who has similar goals and a compatible schedule or it just will not work.  Most importantly, your workout buddy must be at a similar fitness level as you or better yet, a little better.  Having a partner who is better than you can give you the extra motivation to push yourself harder then you would if you were alone.  But beware, studies have found that there is an optimal range so do not go out and seek someone who is much better than you because you will be demotivated and at risk of injuring yourself while trying to keep up.  Ideally your workout partner would be a little better than you and therefor constantly challenging you.

There are no rules set in stone and you do not need to limit yourself to one workout buddy.  You can train with your significant other a couple days a week, with a close friend and a work colleague.  The more like-minded people you have in your support system the more likely you are to get the results you want.  Lastly, remember that like any other relationship it is a two-way street so make sure you are doing your part as well to make the most out of this support system.