New research shows that the declines in fitness that accompany growing old typically speed up after the age of 45. People can slow the inevitable by staying lean, exercising and refraining from smoking. Reductions in cardiorespiratory after the age of 45, became much steeper, accelerating even further with increases in body-mass index (BMI), body fat increases, smoking and lower levels of physical activity. As you age, your aerobic capacity goes down. It was found that when we are not optimized- that is nutrition is poor and there is no activity at all we tend to go down at faster rates. This was true for both men and women. The better people take care of themselves the longer they can retain their fitness. It could delay the age when these health problems start to occur. Experts state that if people are very overweight, inactive and smoke, they might see health problems in their 50s and 60s, whereas people who maintain a healthy lifestyle, it's going to be more like their 70s, 80s and possibly even their 90s. Exercise is key along with total nutrition, including vitamins and supplements, and it is now becoming established fact. When incorporated into the lifestyle health will suffer.   Yours in good health, Linda Hlivka Clinical Nutritionist