One of my all time favorite sayings - “Champions come in pairs of two”.

Partner Power Ball

Think back to your all-time sports heroes and rivalries, real or fictional. The champions always came in a set, a pair, or with a partner. Jordan & Scottie, Rocky & Apollo, Shaq & Kobe, even Batman had Robin. You get the point. Having a partner or someone to push you can make all the difference in the world, especially when it comes to training. 

The power of having a good training partner when it comes to exercise and getting in shape is often underestimated.  When you invest in a training partner you are also making an investment in yourself to be more accountable, train safer, and compete in a healthy way to get the most out of your training sessions.  One piece of advice as you get started is try and find a partner of similar ability level or better if possible. It will help raise the level of your training, push you and hold you more accountable in your pursuit to get better.

With that said, I want to introduce you to some partner powerball exercises. These are a great total body training program using on of my favorite training tools, a Dynamax ball.

Here are three fun, quick, easy exercise you can try, regardless of ability level, with a partner. Not only does this make your training more dynamic, but it also creates a great energy often missing when we train alone.

Partner Squat to Pass – Hold the ball with both hands at chest level with elbows bent, feet standing shoulder width apart. You squat down at least 90 degrees or as low as your hip mobility allows, and in one fluid motion you explode up through your heels and hips passing the ball to your partner ready to receive the ball.

Squat to Pass


Partner Rotational Toss – Standing back to your partner extended arms length apart. Hold the ball extended in both hands, standing tall up top with your core engaged you rotate to your left toss the ball to your partner ready to receive it. Your partner hands you back the ball and you quickly rotate to the right tossing the ball full force to your partner once again. Alternating side each repetition then switching with your partner.

Rotational Toss


Partner Iso Chest Pass – From a seated position with your partner standing outstretch your legs to hook your feet inside your partner’s ankles. You lean back about 45 degrees with your back flat, chest out, keeping your core engaged. Your partner will pass you the ball as you are ready to receive it, explosively with force passing it back full extending your arms in the process.

Iso Chest Pass


Have fun with these variations next time you and your partner hit the gym. For more fun partner exercises check out The Vitamin Shoppe’s YouTube page where we have tons of partner workouts loaded for you to try out.

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people!