To keep you on the grind and moving closer to your health/fitness goals for 2015 keep these numbers in mind when you approach your daily nutrition.

8 is GREAT - 8 glass of water that is: Your body needs water to survive a simple fact all of us know, it also helps our body function and perform at the highest level.   For the average person about 8 glasses of water per day or around 100 ounces is what we should all consume daily. Now these numbers can rise significantly depending on your daily activity, outside job in the sun, physical training and so on. Often times we mistake thirst for hunger and we find ourselves eating when in all reality we are truly thirsty. Staying properly hydrated from morning until night will cut down on this unwanted snacking during the day. Adding in things like green tea or lemon to your water can easily help boost your daily intake.

5-6 - 5-6 Cups of Veggies + Fruits – Your mother was right when she told you “make sure you eat your vegetables.” Veggies and fruits are full of many important nutrients, vitamin and minerals we need to be healthy. When our diets are devoid of these important micronutrients our body often asks for more feed than required as it’s searching for the missing nutrients. If that wasn’t enough reason to get your “greens” these amazing foods help fight numerous chronic disease and keep our bodies healthy against infections.  BONUS: A simple way to get more fruits and veggies in your life quickly – adding spinach to any lunch sandwich, or dinner and throwing in some kale or berries into your protein smoothie will do the trick.

20 – 20g of Protein per meal – Eating protein is important for much more than just building muscle, it also aids in fighting off hunger, helping your body feel satiated, and build our immunity. A good goal is to aim for at least 15-20g of protein in every meal you eat, think to yourself “if there is no protein here, it’s not a meal.” I also like to tell our athletes “live by the rule – you NEVER eat a carbohydrate without some form of protein” an easy rule and way to integrate more quality protein into your diet. Lean meats chicken, fish, steak, and eggs are all quality sources to pick from.

25-40g – 25-40g of Fiber Daily – Fiber is vital to GI health or in simple terms fiber is important for your gut to keep things moving smoothly. I would also go as far as to say fiber plays a huge role in preventing overeating, for the fact that it helps us feel “fuller” for longer.  The average women could aim for around 25g or fiber daily while the average man would aim for around 40g per day, all depending on bodyweight and overall caloric needs. Some of my favorite sources are dark green leafy veggies, various colored berries and chai seeds.  Chia seeds have so many benefits one of them being the high quality fiber in them to ensure your GI system runs like a well-oiled machine 24/7/365.

Keep these numbers in mind when creating your dietary nutrition needs. If you want more detailed info on Gut Health and why it’s so important to you click here for a FREE Gut Health Guide.

Until next time guys eat clean, train hard and be nice to people!