Now that summer is nearly over and the kids are going back to school, it’s time to focus on yourself. Have you been wanting to lose the few pounds that was gained over the summer vacation or just eat more healthy? Now is the time to do it before the holidays sneak up on us. So, how can we easily get back on track?
  1. Keep a diet log (food diary) -- write down what you eat every day.
  2. Determine what your “trouble times” are during the day, those times when you feel like you want to eat and may reach uncontrollably for food. Determine if it is real hunger or urges due to stress, habit, boredom, anger, or other emotional duress. The key is to determine why you want to eat, then you will be better equipped to address it and make healthy selections.
  3. Develop a list of top reasons why you want to lose weight and keep it on your refrigerator so you can read it every day.
  4. Find a picture of yourself that shows you at your highest weight and keep that on the refrigerator so you see it every time you feel you need a treat.
  5. Rid the pantry and refrigerator of junk food. If it isn’t in the house, you won’t eat it. It’s best to get rid of temptation, especially in the beginning. Replace your junk food with healthy low calorie snacks.
  Yours in good health, Linda Hlivka Clinical Nutritionist