Last night, I had the privilege of meeting for the first time, OL Ambassador, Brian DiPaolo.  Not only was he being introduced to us for the first time, but we were introducing him to yoga for the first time. Brian and I arranged to have our meeting at Sumits Yoga, a hot-yoga studio near his home and our HQ, here in North Phoenix.  Let me tell you, it was fun, but I was also super impressed! Brian jumped right on his mat and immediately absorbed the tone and fluidity of the practice.  He knew to keep quiet during the resting sessions, to listen carefully to the teacher for instruction, and to enjoy every minute of it. After class (and a shower), I was happy to give Brian his two free products for this month in exchange for social media posts.  I know he's on the road for success both as an Ambassador and in his main sport, OCR (Obstacle Course Racing).