[caption id="" align="alignright" width="413" class=" "] Erin and her kids[/caption] Erin Griffin is a mother of three, teacher, wife, and marathon-runner. In her own words: "...If you are going to do marathons, Boston is sort of the "have-to-do." It's one of the few you need to meet strict qualifying times for, and it's so popular that qualifying doesn't even necessarily mean you'll get in. It's the world's oldest, and one of the best-known. I ran my first marathon to see if I could qualify, and I did. I would really like to be a destination runner--taking trips to run around the world. My goal is to be a very competitive master runner--masters are age 40 and up, so I have a year to get better". Here at OL, we love Erin's spirit, her energy, and her enthusiasm for life.  She teaches full-time, coaches her varsity girls' soccer, and trains for marathons.  We can't imagine a more full life, but despite all that, she is consistently happy and ready to take on the next challenge. We are looking forward to seeing her cross the finish line at many marathons to come and are proud to call her an #OLAmbassador!