Many of my clients are often unsure exactly what meal prep is, or how beneficial it is for you. What kind of food? How much of it? How often? When? These are all important to keep in mind when working towards your fitness and health goals; whether it is weight loss or weight gain.

The success I have seen for myself as well as my clients is weekly meal prep.

Meal prep is so important to make sure you have the right amount of calories, macronutrients

(protein, carbohydrates, and fat) and vegetables. Eating at a local subway or restaurant everyday will not cut it. We never really know exactly what these places are preparing their food with, let alone the portion size is usually way off (way too much food that is).

It is vital to meal prep if you really want to have successful weight loss or muscle gain results. Knowing what type of protein you are going to eat (chicken, ground turkey, fish, etc.), the amount of complex carbohydrates (brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc.), and fat you are consuming will help you achieve your goals.

Tip: Fat intake per day should be LOW, around 20% or less. You really want to keep your fat percentage down and stick to healthy fats like nuts, avocados, and olive oil.

If you are just picking random meals throughout the day, you will never really know how many calories and macronutrients you are consuming. Many people tend to skip meals instead of eating small, well portioned meals throughout the day. Typically, this leads to over eating. This is where weekly meal prep will help.

Meal Prep Success:

1. Prepare on Sunday (or whichever day during the week you consider your “Sunday”)

2. Compile a list of ingredients to buy before you hit the market. (example: what type of protein, how much you need)

3. Include healthy snacks or protein bars that are low in sugar.

4. Buy individual containers to fill with your healthy, prepared meals

5. If you work a full-time job, make enough meals for the day at work, and enjoy a fresh meal at home for dinner. That would be five well-portioned meals throughout the day, if you’re counting

6. Consider a healthy shake from Olympian Labs to switch it up. Include a healthy shake for lunch like their beef protein isolate, which is one of my favorites!

7. Cut out as much diary and sugar in your diet as you can, as both store as fat in the body. 


Here is an example of how I do my meal prep: 

 Meal Prep Success

As you can see I buy containers and each container is filled with a protein, complex carbohydrate, and vegetable. Using a scale to weigh out your protein will also help you with meal plan success, as you will know the exact amount you are eating per meal (like 4-6oz of a lean protein). These delicious meals are ready to grab and go so each night I fill up my lunch bag and eat them throughout the day.

I also carry my OL shake; OL amino acids and a shaker bottle to have my protein shake after my work out or during lunch if I am in a rush. Key is to never skip a meal! You may be tired of the daily meal, so switch it up with a healthy shake to keep it interesting

Meal prep has so many benefits, from knowing your caloric intake, ingredients you cook with, and macronutrient count. I suggest to my clients to keep it interesting by adding some fresh salsa, bell peppers or anything that will change up the taste.

It does not have to be boring, be as creative as you want!


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