With the holidays right around the corner we all know what this means. Lots of yummy, sugary food, sweets, family time, and memories. But with the holiday season comes the desire and notion that it’s ok to eat everything in sight. Let me remind you that sugar is stored in the body as fat and you will have to work extra hard to burn it off.

So every time you go to grab that cookie, that second piece of pie, or candy bowl full of M&M's that mom leaves out, think again! You have worked so hard over the year, eating clean, working out, and spending time getting to know your body and what works for you. Why throw it all away just because society deems it ok that around the holidays we can eat like little piggies?

I am not suggesting you should eat like you are preparing for a bodybuilding competition, but be conscious of how much you are eating and when. Limit the amount of processed sugar and diary and try your hardest to stay on track!

Depending upon what your goals are, there are different ways to stay on top of your nutrition around the holidays.

 Meal Prep

Meal Prep

I urge my clients to continue their meal prep each week. Every Sunday (or whatever day is your Sunday), prep a few meals for the week. This way, whether you are working or at home with the kids, you aren't tempted to grab that sugary cookie.

We all know corporate offices fill the break room with sugary foods. Holiday parties at work are just an excuse to binge eat on fatty food. It's all about moderation. Of course, treat yourself to your favorite dessert so you don't feel deprived, but don't be like your cubicle neighbor with two plates filled of sugar.

So how do we meal prep? What's in it?

Your meal prep will vary depending upon your goals. If your goal is to gain muscle, you will most likely be adding protein and complex carbs to your meals accompanied by vegetables. If your goal is to lose weight, you will most likely need to lower your complex carbs. Keep in mind these are suggestions and you will need a professional like myself to calculate all your macronutrients.

Each Sunday, I prepare my meals based off my goals. I buy individual containers and fill each container with:

- Protein

- Complex carbohydrate (brown rice, sweet potatoes)

- Vegetables (green veggies)

I make a large quantity of chicken or ground turkey and have a food scale to measure everything. I know the exact amount of protein and complex carbs I am having per meal.


 Vitamins & Supplements to Support Your Lifestyle

Supplement Your Meals When Needed

If I do not have time to get in a meal, I rely on my OL beef protein shake. It's tasty and satisfies me until my next meal. Also, I use this after each work out. I cannot get enough of it and I found my recovery time speeds up after using this shake.

Keep in mind, during this season you will be tempted by these delicious foods. This is why I recommend small, portioned meals and snacks throughout the day every 2-3 hours for most people to keep those cravings at bay.

Snacks can include:

- Protein bars (low in sugar)

- Almonds

- Fruit (but not too much because of the sugar)

- Peanut butter (measure tablespoon and be cautious of amount of fat per serving)


Vitamins & Supplements to Support Your Lifestyle

Don’t Skip That Workout

Make sure you also keep up with your workouts during this time. With the time change it gets dark earlier and you would rather be at home, but make it a priority to get to the gym (whether before or after work).

Keep a gym bag in your car at all times so you are ready to go! Not only do I keep my gym bag in my car, but I carry my OL beef protein isolate and shaker bottle to drink after my work out. It is highly suggested to get your protein into your body within an hour and a half following each workout.

As you can see, as long as you plan ahead, prepare your meals, and eat consistently you will not be tempted to eat a plate of sugary cookies. Limit the amount you have and know how hard you have worked. Keep a picture on your desk or refrigerator of someone that inspires you and look at it every day.


Good luck and enjoy your holidays in a healthy way! 

Vitamins & Supplements to Support Your Lifestyle