If you have not yet noticed, the similarities between fitness and life are infinite. Lessons learned in life can be taken to the gym and applied to boost physical fitness. In the same way, lessons learned in fitness can be taken and applied in life to breed strength, consistency, and faith.

If uncovered, this connection can activate life in ways beyond your wildest dreams. You must see the potential of it! Using lessons learned in the gym, to better your life.


That’s TRUE fitness.

See it in terms of trials. We all have them; in life, and fitness. Amazingly, how we respond to them in life determines the way we respond in fitness. Consequently, how we respond in fitness is the way we respond in life. Think about it…

As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Therefore, if we consistently respond to trials faced in fitness with joy, and patience, we form habits of response.

Now, when trials come in life, how are we programmed to respond? If the habit is formed, we respond with the same joy, and patience.

You may think the idea is silly, and doesn’t hold weight. But let me remind you, all big wars are won through a culmination of small victories. Therefore, if we use our trials in the gym as a way to create a small victory, we effectively prepare ourselves to be victorious in the war lying ahead.

Every triumph breeds confidence, every action forms habit.

What kind of trials come about in fitness? Well, there is the trial of your faith to enter a new gym, and of course, the battle to get out of bed each morning and drive to that gym.

Let’s look at them separately. Taking the step of faith to enter a new gym; how will that help you in life? Well I can tell you, if you take the step it has the potential to CHANGE your life. Entering the gym is a gateway to new levels of health, and a platform for the birth of friendship, neither of which would materialize if you don’t enter in.

Look at life; how many times are you asked to step in faith, not knowing exactly what lies ahead, but believing its good?

The battle in the gym prepares you to step. Small victories of the past build your confidence, enabling you to bring victory in the war.

Next, the battle of consistency. The correlation between life and fitness is clear. If you are able to build the resolve, dedication, and drive necessary to stay consistent in the gym; you have the patience needed to be victorious in life.

If you take the simple lessons learned through consistent gym attendance, and apply them to trials in life, I promise you’ve found a GAMECHANGER.

Every morning as you wake and dedicate the action of working out, you set a standard for the rest of your life to follow. In the midst of trials you will have built up the CONSISTENCY to RISE UP every morning; no matter how you feel. You will develop the habit of PUSHING through trial and tribulation; onward to victory.

Sowing the seed of consistency in gym attendance bears the fruit of success in your life. It creates a habit of EXCELLENCE, effectively making you more patient than ANY trial, and able to outlast any circumstance.

Take small victories, and go WIN the war.

Fitness Can Be Greater.

-Brad Jarrett