I hold the strong belief fitness goes beyond physical adaptation. It moves into mental, emotional, and spiritual pillars, IF we permit.

There is no greater proof than to witness the formation of “Fitness Fellowship” between gym partners.

Each partnership is different in image, purpose, and action, but all are interconnected by the same underlying principle, which provides reasoning for their assembly. The principal being; POWER is found in FELLOWSHIP.

This power may be exercised in many ways. Some use it as motivation, others as a medium to learn and implement new habits and routines. The mechanism of action may differ, but the results realized through its working are always the same; growth comes in fitness, and life.

The POWER of FELLOWSHIP is real.

As we connect with others, and begin a “Fitness Fellowship” we notice our experience in the gym changes radically. For many of us, the change is good and necessary.

While exercising in the company of others, individual insecurities fade away. We piggy back on each other’s confidence, which makes us more comfortable both in the gym, and our own skin. Synergy becomes inevitable as we unite self-confidence with the confidence of others. By its very definition, synergy brings about a magnitude of increase that could never be realized with input from any one source. Stated another way, the confidence created within a partnership far exceeds the amount any individual can possess.

Once this new level of confidence is cultivated, we are no longer intimidated by the glamour of “The Gym”, or by the 300lb strongman grunting on the squat rack; no matter how loud and sweaty he is. Our focus is shifted from self to group, which blesses us with opportunities for creation and discovery. We are given the chance to craft and govern our own micro-society.

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This then, is your avenue for fitness to leave the gym, and become something greater. It’s how we take fitness from the physical and move it to the mental, emotional, and spiritual.

NOW fitness will change your life.

When tapped into, this power forces YOUR fitness to produce more than physical results. It will begin to bear the fruit of friendship, joy, and love.

Friendship grows, from seeds of trust planted into your “Fitness Fellowship”. Inevitably, they bloom and create lifelong bonds.

The fruit of joy springs fourth from seeds of laughter and encouragement consistently sown in fellowship.

The all encompassing product of love is reached through persistent cultivation of friendship and joy.

This LOVE changes all. It is the HEART of true fitness.

If you’re part of a “Fitness Fellowship” give your partner a call, and tell them how much you appreciate all they are, and all they do.

If not, start with this; say “Hello” to one new person in the gym this week. You will be amazed with the results one simple word can bring.

Fitness can be Greater.

-Brad Jarrett