There are 3 phases of fitness; which are you in?

Phase one: You workout to better yourself.

Phase two: You workout to become better FOR others.

Phase three: You use your workout to SERVE others.

Physical strength is a blessing; a necessary resource often times overlooked, and taken for granted. Only when it’s lacking, do we realize how great the gift.

Many times it goes unrecognized; YOU possess strength. It does not have to be herculean in amount; when used in the right way, results are produced as though it were. We must stop looking past its blessing, as we search for other gifts in life.

I believe strength is the most underused resource in the U.S. Millions of people let its purpose go unfulfilled.  It’s used in a workout and left right there, sitting in a barbell, or treadmill; waiting for the next day. When strength is confined to this realm, its purpose becomes nullified as workouts end.

Take fitness out of the box; realize it wasn’t created for the sole purpose of aesthetics. Nor strength created for the gym. Only when brought into the world is its real potential actualized; bearing fruit when used to improve the life of another.

Our paradigms must be shifted; to find our fitness in service, instead of forcing it into life.

In other words, you create the workout while serving others, instead of scheduling it into your day. This does not mean each workout needs to be outside the gym, or you should wait for opportunities for service before starting to workout. Consistent fitness is needed. I’m simply asking you to open your eyes, leave freedom in your fitness schedule, and take opportunities as they arise to be active in the service of another.

Serving the less fortunate by spending time with underprivileged children, or helping the elderly build a garden are examples of GREAT workouts that not only make you fit physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

If you think the treadmill burns calories, try running around with kids for an hour. If you think curls build big arms, give gardening a shot. These activities are sure to make you more “fit” than any exercise. You’ll be forced to move through all different planes and movement patterns with varying amounts of speed which will guarantee a better workout than your current gym routine.

The most important aspect of service comes after your work is finished. Remember, as a gym workout ends, its purpose ends; but as a workout full of service ends, its purpose just begins. When you say “good-bye” to the child you spent an hour with, it will be the beginning of a great relationship, and start of endless memories to come. Once the garden is completed, true blessing is brought forth as it provides nourishment to the family you served for years to come.

This “fitness” works for intentions greater than self, and creates an impact that lives on; far past your time.

Step into phase three of fitness. Use the blessing of strength you’ve been given.

Fitness Can Be Greater.

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-Brad Jarrett