What you feel doesn’t change how you act; how you act changes what you feel.

The truth of this statement is monumental, and cannot be over looked.

Often times, our actions are motivated by feelings. Therefore, many believe action is subject to the external stimuli placed on the body. In reality, the contrary is true IF feelings are put in their rightful place.

Let me ask you this; and be honest… What puts you in a bad mood? The weather? A co-worker? A crazy driver?

How long do you stay in that mood? A minute? An hour? A day?

Answers will vary, but this fact remains consistent: as circumstances are PERMITTED to alter behavior, we lose power. When allowed to influence action, they are victorious over us.

Now, I understand the weather isn’t the greatest today, your co-worker is a jerk, and the driver in front of you CLEARLY cut you off. You must understand YOU’RE GIVEN THE ABILITY to choose a response. This capability, unique to humans, gives you the option to be controlled by feelings or DOMINANT over them through the use of effective action.

Therefore you have a choice; to be angry or understanding, sad or joyful, hateful or loving.

Which do you pick?

Your decision will be made clear to the world around you, and evidenced through the goodness of your actions.

Think about this… You can say you’re tired as a result of gloomy weather, or ACT out of joy and respond to the blessings that fill your life each and every day.

You can allow the words of a coworker to make you feel insignificant, or ACT with purpose, proving to the world just how important you are.

You can allow other drivers to make you angry, or ACT out of love and say a prayer for them as they pass.

Do you see how responses impact your life? Take a close look at the words born when action is subjected to feeling… Tired, Insignificant, Angry. They’re yours if you want them. As for me and my family, we’re moving on with the feelings begotten of effective action; Joy, Purpose, Love. For some reason, they sound better.

Now I’ll pose this challenge to you; dedicate in your heart to walk with a smile, to laugh no matter how difficult it may be, and to FORGIVE; even when the thought makes your skin crawl. Do these things and you will reap the fruit of a joyous and peaceful life.

When the power of choice is fully realized in your life, YOUR world will change. You’ve WON. Every day will be seen as a blessing, and an opportunity. The positive influence your ACTIONS have on others will be magnified, and you become a LIGHT in the darkness. So shine brightly, as darkness cannot reign where light is present.

How does this relate to fitness? In EVERY way. Fitness is greater than the physical. Actually, “True Fitness” isn’t reached UNTIL it moves into the mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Fitness Can Be Greater.

-Brad Jarrett