Yesterday, CVS Pharmacy announced that they would no longer sell tobacco products in their stores and it was a huge move.  CVS is predicted to lose $2bil in sales due to the change.  As a company, they feel it is wiser to support healthier styles of life and through this move, they are hoping to encourage people to stop smoking. At Olympian Labs, we are very supportive of the move by CVS.  As a health and supplement industry provider, we feel the affects of cigarette smoking go against what our products stand for.  We sent this tweet yesterday in support of their "One Good Reason" campaign. Tweet to CVS Sept. 3, 2014 From what it looked like, One Good Reason, was a huge success.  People were tweeting 12 tweets/minute on the average all day to show their support.  Fans were posting pictures of fresh air, sharing reasons for quitting smoking, and encouraging others to do the same. OneGoodReason We look forward to helping CVS continue this campaign for a healthier lifestyle.  We also look forward to being a part of their product line-up soon one day!