[embed]https://instagram.com/p/sQiIIuidd8/?modal=true[/embed] This morning, one of our Ambassadors, Justin Anderson, tweeted about the benefits of A-AKG.  It's one of his standby tools he uses when he is training for the Spartan Race and other OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) events.  In recent weeks, one of our fans, Jerrid Stephon Mance (Mance Fitness Addict), also posted about it on Instagram (above). Justin linked to our colleagues at Livestrong, where they speak about:
  • Nitric Oxide Production
  • Wound Healing
  • Growth Production
  • Increased Aerobic Activity
We agree with them in that it's a super product to help boost workouts and strengthen your training.  It seems we are not the only ones who believe so highly in the product because the A-AKG is one of our top sellers. If you haven't tried it, we highly recommend it.  It is often found at your local Vitamin Shoppe or can be ordered here.