So often, we're lagging during the day with no end in sight of our task list.  It's times like these that we may start to ask if we are doing something wrong.  Am I not getting enough sleep? Am I drinking not enough water? Am I getting sick? Unfortunately, many of these things can contribute to our lack of energy.  Studies have shown that 8 hours of sleep is necessary per night, 64 oz of water, and eating plenty of vitamins. When we look back at what we have done, we often realize that we have checked all of these things with completion.  Or have we? This week, we read an article from a trainer at Beachbody who works with Tony Horton.  He writes "RDA is not enough".  He's right.
Not only is RDA perhaps not enough for our bodies, but the quality of food these days is often so low that even if we think we are eating right, we still might not be getting enough vitamins and minerals. Thus, there is a need for supplementation. Try our Multi-Vitamin, Omega-3s, or CoQ-10.  These are all basic products are sure to get you going again on the right track...just like our friend Tony Horton!