With summertime here and vacation time approaching, do you have trouble relaxing when you are on vacation? Unfortunately it is a sign of the times. With all of the latest technology that ties us to work with laptops, cell phones, etc. it is hard to break away. Only 53% of working Americans say they come back feeling rested and rejuvenated after a vacation, and 30% say they have trouble coping with work stress while they're away, according to an Expedia.com survey of 1,530. Many come back more exhausted than when they left and need a vacation from their vacation. Others stay so plugged on BlackBerries and cellphones that colleagues and clients don't even know they're away. Experts say for some people, the withdrawal from stress can be similar to withdrawing from steroids which includes changes in glucose metabolism and dramatic mood swings. If you give yourself permission to relax it may be easier to transition to vacation and get that well-deserved rest. Continue to take your vitamins when you are on vacation including a good multivitamin packed with B vitamins and vitamin C for stress as well as calcium. A vacation should not be stressful.  Then you will feel re-charged when you do go back to work.  Yours in good health, Linda Hlivka Clinical Nutritionist