You need greens in your life, as in you need to be eating your veggies and eating them daily. In fact, the average adult needs at minimum at least three servings of power-packed, disease-fighting fibrous veggies daily. One of my personal favorite that is super easy to buy, prepare, store, and eat is asparagus.

Asparagus is truly amazing when it comes to the health benefits it offers your body. It’s literally jam-packed full of dense micronutrients such as folate and dietary fiber to keep your digestive system on point.  In just a few spears you get massive amounts of vitamin, K, E, A, and C. That’s not bad for a few bites.

Many of you may not know, asparagus will give you a good size does of chromium, which is an important mineral that aids in the bodies ability to funnel glucose through your bloodstream. Another added benefit of asparagus is the antioxidant, disease-fighting power it provides us. Some recent research has also shown it may help with the aging process. Now who doesn’t love hearing that? 

One of the biggest bangs for your asparagus buck is the extremely high amount of asparagine it has, which is an amino acid that acts as a natural diuretic inside us. This is good for multiple reasons, as it helps rid the body of excess salts that most of us on the average American diet don’t particularly need. 

For those of you who are already avid asparagus eaters you know it comes with a strong urinary odor when you go to the bathroom.  For the record, it is totally normal for your urine to smell when you eat a heavy asparagus diet. The reason is, simply, asparagus contains a specific compound that gives of a strong smell when you urinate.  So, again don’t be alarmed when you notice the smell. Just think of it as asparagus passing through your body doing its important job.

For you calorie counters out there, you will love to know, like most green fibrous veggies, asparagus is very low in calories. At just 20g per serving, which is the equivalent to about 5 spears. It is also ultra low in sodium and contains 0g of fat.

A funky bonus fact for you: most American asparagus is green, while the French have a purple version, and the Dutch a white version.

So the next time you guys hit the grocery store, pick up some asparagus. It’s not only super nutrient dense and beneficial to your health, it’s also very easy to prepare. I personally eat asparagus almost every day, as it takes me about 5 minutes total to cook to my liking. I typically add asparagus to my eggs by simply cutting up the spears and throwing it in as they cook. Or I will sauté 5-10 spears at a time with a little coconut oil and some garlic salt to flavor. It’s truly is a very minimal effort vegetable for such a great health benefit.

Make asparagus a part of your daily diet and you will instantly reap the rewards.

Until next time, eat well, train hard, & be nice to people!