Recipe makes 1 protein shake, depending on size or your personal macro breakdown. This is a great option for a post-workout shake.

- 1 Scoop Olympian Labs Vanilla Pea Protein Powder

- 1 Small Banana

- 2 tsp. Natural Almond Butter

- 1 ½ Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

- 1 Tbsp. Raw Natural Honey

 - 2 tsp. chia seeds

- ¼ Cup Old-fashioned Oats

In a blender, combine almond milk, banana, almond butter, honey, chia seeds, and oats.  Blend until no banana chunks remain, and the mixture is thoroughly incorporated. Add in Olympian Labs Vanilla Pea Protein and finish blending until completely mixed. 

This is a quick, easy, and tasty protein shake, perfect for your post-workout nutrition or as a meal replacement. Enjoy and happy eating.

Until next time eat well, train hard and be nice to people. 


Jeremy Scott



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