We all have our favorite exercises, well some of us, maybe I am bias because I work in this industry. There are always exercises that my clients love to do and others they dread. I don't believe they dread it because it is boring them, but because it is a challenge compared to other exercises. 

I have many favorite exercises myself, but I love leg day. I was always concerned on making sure my body is proportioned correctly. So, as much as I focus on my upper body, I made sure to put as much effort into my lower body during my high school and college years (and now too, but those are the years I became heavily into fitness). And this paid off, a few weeks ago Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger approached me at Golds gym in Venice, California to compliment my physique and body proportion! Don't skip leg day!!! 

As I studied to become a personal trainer, I learned more about the lower body. Did you know that lower body exercises you burn the most calories per repetition? I found this pretty fascinating! Especially if you want to lose weight! 

Lower body is important for many reasons, but if you want to lose weight, think about the above sentence on burning most calories per repetition. So, for all of my clients who give me a certain look when I saw its leg day, I remind them of this. But I will say, at the end of every leg work out, my clients feel so satisfied. The amount of endorphins released is sure to put you in a good mood! I cant speak for them about the next day and how their legs feel then!  

Not is it only important for burning calories but for the upper body too. I think of the body like building a house, you have to start from the ground up. If you want to be able to safely increase your weight and max yourself out, having a strong lower body is important. This will really help when carrying dumbbells or standing up during the exercise. Having a strong lower body, core and back is key to preventing injury. Plus, not many people can say they want to walk  around with chicken legs! 

Before I do my leg work out (specifically the night before), I make sure to have extra complex carbs. From brown rice to whole wheat pasta I add in an extra 50 grams to give myself more energy. Remember, your lower body is a large muscle group so you will need those extra complex carbs to have a good work out. 

Not only is the food important but what you take before and after your work out will help with the recovery. OL labs has a great product, their BCAA supplement. Amino acids are a building block of protein and are extremely beneficial to the body, especially for a leg day. I make sure I take these supplements everyday to help aid in recovery and repair. I highly suggest using this supplement, I recommend to all of my clients as well! 

Pair these amino acids with OL Labs Beef Protein isolate and you will really help the body with recovery. Remember, you are breaking everything down in the body so the recovery and repair is important. Please make sure to get your protein in after your work outs! 

As you can see, a lower body work out is very important, and not just for vanity purposes! Please consider OL Labs BCAA and Beef protein isolate supplements, especially on a leg day!