“Life is like a boxing match, defeat is declared not when you fall, but when you refuse to stand again!”

Its the beginning of the year and if you look around its amazing all the faces you will see with a new resolve to get in shape!  The gyms are packed, it seems as though supplement and health food stores are all hitting their targets.  Everyone swears this time they are taking off there extra 20 lbs for good.  So why is it in just a few short months the gyms will be shrinking in populations and the resolve to get it right this year fades into the idea of being fit not being nearly as important as pretty much anything else on your priorities? 

Before you rush out for your third workout of the day today take a moment a check out a couple suggestions on how to stick with it!

ONE:  Slow down Turbo!  

Start with less then add.  So many times people come out of the gate so quick and take off more than they can handle which leads to them giving up because they are overwhelmed.  When it comes to new clients I encourage them to always do a bit less than they think they are capable of then add.  So it may be starting with a lifting program three days per week rather than five.  If you feel like you’ve got more in the tank at the end of the week go for a hike or hit up a class you might not have done.

TWO: Grab a partner!

If you are new working out or its been a long time the accountability will be great!  It will help you stay on track make it a bit more likely to not cancel when you know someone else is counting on you.  Not a big fan of the options for partners?  Join a class or hire a trainer!

THREE:  Pick one or the other!

When it comes to diet and working out it can really be a lot.  Its best to start with one then add the other in, similar to my above point.  My suggestion would be to get moving and into a routine while trying to start making better food choices but without a specific meal planning.  We all know what it means to eat healthy and especially if you have been eating poorly small changes in your choices will make a big differences in the beginning. Once you’ve spent a month getting in the habit of working out you can start tightening up the diet.  


Plan it, schedule it, organize it whatever you need to do to make sure you are able to make it part of your life.  Its usually not a matter of people not working hard enough but rather that they are not constant with healthy habits.  Shit happens!  The stronger the habit the better or worse the result will be.

Nail these down and stick with it this year!

Yours in Health,