Hey Popeye are your weak forearms holding you back? 

My old man or Pappy as I like to call him is one of the hardest working guys I know.  He was a general contractor and it seemed as though there was no project he couldn't at least fake to be able to do when it came to construction.  The guy had these thick rough hands.  His grip strength is second to none even as he climbs in to his 60’s.  For many of us who don’t use there hands for a living and the gym is the main place we put in hard labor we need to focus on small things to give us a leg up and keep our progress going.  We see this constantly in the gym, people may have the strength to do a lift but there hands give out. 

Strong grip and more specifically strong forearms can be a great asset in your lifting or be something that holds you back.  There are a few very simple things you can do that will take very little time to add to your program.  

Bar Hangs-  One of the most simple ones and perhaps the most effective.  Simple grip a pull bar or your local to the play ground and hang from the monkey bar.  Remember one of the most important things is to progress.  You can do this two ways.  First you can time yourself.  Start with a 30 second hang and work up see if you can hang on for 3mins.  Second add weight, using a weighted vest or weight belt can add to the challenge.  

Deadlifts-  Grip strength can be a big factor when it comes to getting a big pull, repeated deadlifting will help build up your grip strength as well.

Farmers Walks-  Grab two dumbbells and go for a walk!  Adding weight and distance to add more of a challenge.  

Plate Pinches- Take to plates, start with 2- 5bs or 2- 10lbs and pinch them together with one hand and hold on! 

Towel Pull ups-  This is a advanced variation of a pull up.  Simply hang two towels over a pull up bar grading one in each hand.  A great variation on a pull as well as extremely taxing on your forearms. 

Add these exercises to your programs a few days a week and watch as your strength starts to go up!

Yours in Health,