There are many times after a good work out I go directly to my chiropractor or schedule a deep tissue/sports massage with my favorite therapist. 

These are good options for recovery, boosting your energy and mood , as well as, release of muscle tension. 


Sometimes I wonder how people can go months or years with out a chiropractor adjustment or massage. I am constantly recommending that my clients look into this. There is no better feeling then having your body aligned and releasing toxins and endorphins. 


There are many positive impacts on the body after a chiropractic adjustment from improving nerve communication through out the body, physical function and performance in the body improved, release from any stress or tension as well as relief from back, neck or joint pain.


See, we cannot just have all these great work outs and not stretch or make an appointment for a massage of adjustment. Otherwise, you will most likely develop some sort of injury. 


Just as Chriopractor or massages for recovery are important so is OL labs amino acids and protein. The supplements you take before and after your work out will also play a big role. 


I am a huge fan of amino acids. Amino acids are building block of protein and play an important role with recovery. If you are going hard at the gym, I highly recommend looking into this product. I take before and after my work out and cannot stress the benefit it has on recovery. 


Getting in the the right amount of protein after my work out is also vital. I use

OL labs beef protein. Not only is it super low on sugar (key) and carbs (key) but it's non diary and vegan and very easy on stomach! I highly recommend protein shakes after your work out or as a meal replacement if needed. 


One trick I constantly tell my clients is to buy a shaker bottle (for protein and water) and keep protein and amino acids in car. That way, you always have your supplements with you! 


Taking care of your body by stretching, chiropractor, massages and the right supplements will only enhance your gym experience. I recommend this to all of my clients and use these on my own Body!


Good luck!