Some days start off on the right side of the bed. Everything just seems to roll our way no matter what, but on the flip side of that there are the days we are dragging, not really feeling motivated. We are, for lack of a better word, in a funk. For days like these I have 7 quick tips to help elevate you in every area of your life to ensure you make the most of the 86,400 seconds you have each day. Life is too precious to even spend one single day in a funk, so fight back with these 7 power packed tips.

1. Wake Up with Lemon Water – The minute you hit the kitchen pour yourself a giant glass of crisp cold lemon water to start the day. Get your body alkaline so it’s primed to burn fat and kick start your digestive system from the get go. 

2. 3 BIG ROCKS – Plan your TOP 3 must-get-done items for you day. Write them down and make them mandatory so you ensure no matter what hectic crazy stuff comes your way you get these 3 BIG ROCK items done.

3. 15 Minutes of Reflection – Take 15 minutes at some point in the morning, night, lunch break, or any time that works for you to reflect. Reflect on your life and all that you have been blessed with. Often times we forget how truly amazing our life is.

4. Learn Something New – Read, read, and read. If you can, read something and learn something new everyday. Even a simple fact, tip, or blog such as this one make it a must to educate and feed your brain each day. If you’re like me, audio books are a great choice or even a quick documentary on Netflix can do the trick.

5. Do Something You Love – You should do at least one thing you love every day, no matter what it may be. It can be anything you get excited about or look forward to like yoga, watch a movie, play cards, running, reading, bowling, golf, walking the dog, or calling a friend. Just make it something that brings you joy and enriches your life.

6. Be Active – Engage in at least one physical activity each day – even if only for one minute, like bang out 60 seconds worth of jumping jacks. If you can aim for at least 2-30 minutes of activity per day, you’ll get your heart and mind moving in the right direction. The positive affects it will have are immensurable. We are all athletes, our bodies are meant to move, fun, skip, crawl, run, so get out there and move that beautiful body of yours.

7. Sleep Like A Baby – Sleep is vital. If you’re stressed and busy it’s even more important. If you have the ability to catch a quick nap (even 20 minutes) it can reenergize your body and mind.  Aiming for at least 6-8 hours of quality sleep per night for all of us is ideal.

I hope these quick 7 tips can help you get more out of each and every day, and until next time, eat well, train hard, and be nice to people!