When we ask great questions, we get great answers.

When we ask powerful questions, we get powerful answers.

When we ask thought-provoking questions, we get thought-provoking answers.

On the flip side of that coin, when we ask NO questions, we get NO answers.

The power of asking questions of others, the world, and ourselves can make the difference between living the life of our dreams or some other version.

When I don’t know something about a topic, I seek out answers. If I don’t fully understand, I ask more questions until I grasp the concept.

If there’s one quality I have thrived in personally in the past seven years, it’s asking questions of those who know. Standing on the shoulders of giants, as they say.

I have also made it mandatory in my life to ask powerful, great, thought-provoking questions of myself. Self-reflection and self-questioning has been a staple in any amount of success I have achieved in this life.

I talk to myself all day long - in the shower, driving, working out, eating, you name it I am having an internal conversation with myself most of the day. I ask, answer, re-ask, and re-answer hundreds of questions daily in my head.

Odds are if you stop for a second and think about your internal dialogue you are not much different from me.  You most likely talk to yourself and ask yourself more questions then you even realize.

I could list hundreds or even thousands of questions one should ask themselves, but for the sake of this blog let’s just hit on 10 of my favorites.

10 Questions for Success You Must Ask Yourself

1. Do your current daily habits support the person you wish to become?

2. What will you have to give up in order to reach your goals?

3. Are you focused on everything that is working for you or against you?

4. What do you have to be thankful for today?

5. What is the biggest limitation holding you back from doing more?

6. Are your decisions driven by passion or fear?

7. Are you taking actions daily towards your dreams or just hoping things will work out someday?

8. Are you living the best life you can imagine or is there something better out there waiting for you?

9. Who do you have to become as a person to be everything you envision?

10. What will your impact be 50 years from today?


I have few thousand more questions coming down the pipe for you, so stay tuned. My advice is to print these questions out, answer each one thoughtfully, hang them up somewhere you can see them daily.

I know it might not sound sexy right now, but trust me I have had the chance to hear, meet, and model some of the most successful people out there in various fields. I can assure you that 100% of them write down their goals, self question themselves, and spend a few minutes each day in reflection to see how they can become a better person.

I would love nothing more than to hear your feedback, if it sparks even one idea, dream, and gets your imagination going even if only for a few seconds. That’s the start of where BIG dreams take shape.

Until next time eat well, train hard, be nice to people. And of course, Make Success Mandatory in your life!

Jeremy Scott ~ Make Success Mandatory Author